Sap Media Terms and Conditions

  1. 1.       Sap  Media
    Is a global digital content distributer and an Official YouTube Partner, with extensive know-how, experience and technological capabilities, specializes in digital content management and monetization.

    2.       Content.
    “Content” shall mean all content of any kind, including music, videos and pictures for mobile phone and internet distribution and all remixes, clips, recordings from performances, new performances of existing recordings, etc., in which You participate, or which include any content created or performed by You (in whole or in part).

    3.       You.
    You declare that: (i) You are the exclusive owner of the full rights of the Content; (ii) the Content does not infringe any rights and it complies with applicable laws; (iii) You and the Content will comply with YouTube’s terms and conditions; (vi) You are not prohibited by any other agreement or by law, from entering into this agreement; and (v) You will provide Sap Media all Content in a digital form, as soon as it is prepared. You will be responsible for the Content and Sap Media will not be liable for damages or losses caused in connection with the Content.

    4.       License.
    You grant Sap Media the right to be your exclusive representative for any subject relating to YouTube and your Content on YouTube (whether such Content was uploaded by you or any other party), including, without limitation, creating and managing the Content through Official YouTube Channels, performing activities which may be required under YouTube’s Terms and Conditions, collecting payments from YouTube, advertising the Content and using your picture, name and characteristics in order to promote the Content on YouTube and maximize the potential revenues (the “License”). You will not grant similar rights to any other party. In case of music content, you also grant Sap Media the non-exclusive right to distribute your music on digital platforms and stores. 

    5.       Fee.
    80%  of the amount actually received by Sap Media from YouTube for the use of the Content goes to the content owner (“Fee“). Sap Media will retain the remaining amount received. The Fee will be paid on a monthly basis with respect to the revenues which were actually received by Sap Media from YouTube. However, if the Fee will be less than $100, such amount will be accumulated and paid only after it exceeds $100, Sap Media will store your revenues for a period of 12 months only.

    6.       Copyright.
    You will not upload any copyrighted content of others to your channel. You will not impose yourself any copyright Take down / Strike on another channel associated with Sap Media Network, you will inform Sap Media on any copyright issue you may have and Sap Media will review and handle. In case you impose such Take down / Strike by mistake you will cooperate immediately with Sap Media in order to retract the strike. In case you violate your obligation Sap Media shall have the right to impose sanctions including the release of your channel.¶

    7.       Term of the Agreement.
    This agreement is in effect during 12 months as of the signing date and will automatically be extended for additional periods of 12 months, unless one party notifies the other in writing, 60 days prior to the end of the term that it desires to terminate the agreement. In addition, each party can terminate this agreement, if the other party violates it obligations and fails to cure them within 30 days since he received a written notice.