Promoting & Advertising your Youtube channel:

  • Advertising and promoting your YouTube channel
  • Promotion budget will be allocated according to revenue potential
  • Analyzing your target markets by Online Marketing experts
  • Implementing special expertise for video promotion
  • Social Media promotions
  • Promoting the content through our network

Managing & Monetizing your YouTube channel:

  • Uploading all videos & audio content
  • Building and designing official branded YouTube channels
  • Monetizing the content using advanced set of tools provided by YouTube
  • Providing detailed & transparent monthly reports for single and multiple channels
  • Collecting all revenues from YouTube
  • Unique Mobile site for each channel

Our main terms and conditions

  • Client will receive 80% of the revenues
  • Client is the exclusive rights owner
  • 24 / 7 helpline to provide you with the best assistance suitable for your needs
  • Full terms of your contract

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